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Grassroutes Amphawa

Back to the roots

Grassroutes Adventures are cultural experiences connecting you to the roots of bangkokvanguards founder Michael by exploring Thailand's smallest province based on the story of his 92-year old grandmother. Venture off the beaten path and trace the world of Michael's grandmother when she was a young lady, prior to modernization and mass tourism. What were favorite delicacies and common professions back then? How and where did people live and get around? Lets keep the memory of the old days alive, experience stunning scenery, the beauty and essence of rural Thailand while enjoying delicious food  and supporting local communities. You can choose from three options - mountain bikes, e-scooters or multiple-transport to escape the city for a unique and memorable day. 


✔  Amphawa Floating Market (on weekends only)

✔  Bang Noi Floating Market (on weekends only)

✔  Local hidden and sacred places no other tourists visit

✔  Picturesque scenery and amazing biking trails

✔  Immersive activities such as small cooking workshops and learning journeys in local communities

✔  Mountain bike, e-scooter or multi-transport options to immerse in one one of Thailand's most beautiful provinces


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