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There are jobs in which you work for a paycheck and there are others that allow us to unfold our potential to build something greater than ourselves. Which one you choose?
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Join the vanguards


Prior to the Covid pandemic Bangkokvanguards consisted of a diverse team of urban explorers, advocates, anthropologists, street photographers and documentarians who were on a mission to reinvent the way we experience Bangkok.


Our goal is to rebuild a passionate team that shifts the narrative and make mega-cities more accessible to visitors through a people, culture and community centric approach in which we document the living history and challenges and aspirations through the lens of culture, diversity, history, local heritage, and entrepreneurship. We want to hire talents who support the creation of stories and design of travel experiences that reflect the diversity, ingenuity and imperfect beauty of Bangkok in the 21st century.


If exploration, journalism and showing people your city is your passion, then check out our career opportunities and reach out to us.



  • Proficient in English (both reading and writing)
  • German language skills are a plus
  • Background in tourism and tour operations is a plus
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Enjoys administrative tasks and managing data, bookings and email communication
  • Excellent skills in Google Workspace
  • Proactive, service minded and fast in execution



Probation: 3 months (full time contract)
Payment: start 25,000THB++ depending on experience and skills sets.
Hybrid model of work from home and office

You will be running the background engine of Bangkokvanguards. The tasks include:


  • Responding to, processing and following up on tour bookings
  • Monitoring and updating booking calendars
  • Communication and liaison between guests, guides and partners
  • Communication and liaison between Bangkokvanguards and partners
  • Customizing Bangkokvanguards travel experiences
  • Designing travel arrangements
  • Writing quotations and invoices
  • Writing quotations and invoices and conduct basic accounting tasks


  • Strong communication skills in English – German language skills are a plus
  • Valid tour guide license
  • Highly knowledgeable about Bangkok outside the main tourist attractions
  • Knowledge specializations in history & culture, food, urban development and socio-, economics
  • Ability to ride a bicycle
  • Naturally curious and willing to learn
  • Great rapport and ability to connect and bond with people
  • Professional, reliant and service minded
  • True passion and love for Bangkok and willing to help local businesses and empower local people

Your mission is to get people hooked to Bangkok and deliver the most memorable, fun and meaningful Bangkok experiences based on our philosophies.


  • Facilitating half-day and full-day tours
  • Facilitating events and workshops with local communities
  • Help to improve and refine the details of our tours
  • Develop your body of knowledge about a diverse range of topics covered on our tours
  • Develop new routes and help build capacities with local communities
  • Ensure travelers have all their needs fulfilled
  • Ensure a safe and seamless delivery of complex and out of the box tours.
  • Be a facilitator between locals and visitors not just a one-way communicator
  • Be a facilitator to help guests bond with each other and build new friendships
  • Be a go-to person for anything that ensures they’re making the most of their time in Bangkok


[email protected]


Explore and travel

Explore off the beaten path and trace the places, people and ideas that are inspiring and benefit both travelers and society

Be part of something greater

Serve local causes and people who work in the trenches to ensure a sustainable future for Thailand

Innovate the tourism industry

Help us to innovate Thailand’s sustainable tourism industry by partnering with the right players in society

Build capacities, your own and that of others

Support local businesses, initiatives and products by designing and innovating integrative experiences around it.


We offer a small-team, a creative environment and amazing partners we work with, ranging from community leaders, social entrepreneurs to international organizations and well-known YouTubers such as Mark Wiens. We offer competitive salaries, flexible working times, including remote work. Depending on the nature of our projects we sometimes switch work places and our upcoming office is located in a secluded oasis in the old town of Bangkok. Our goal is to build an inspiring organization that offers enjoyable and meaningful work, pays well and helps us grow, learn and develop toward our full potential as individuals and as a team.