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There are jobs in which you work for a paycheck and there are others that allow us to unfold our potential to build something greater than ourselves. Which one you choose?
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Join the vanguards


Join a diverse team of urban explorers, advocates, anthropologists, street photographers and documentarians who are on a mission to reinvent the way we experience Bangkok.

Our goal is to build a passionate team that shifts the narrative of mega-cities toward citizens, communities and their cultural, social and environmental condition. We aim to examine the realities, challenges and opportunities in cities through the lens of culture, history, innovation, heritage preservation, and other topics. Through these lenses we want to facilitate immersive, inspiring and one of a kind experiences that reflect the diversity, ingenuity, resilience and human side of megacities in the 21st century.


If travel and exploration, creating social impact, content creation, sustainable development and social innovation is your passion, then check out our career opportunities.


Explore and travel

Explore and travel

Explore off the beaten path and trace the places, people and ideas that are inspiring and benefit both travelers and society
Be part of something greater

Be part of something greater

Serve local causes and people who work in the trenches to ensure a sustainable future for Thailand
Innovate the tourism industry

Innovate the tourism industry

Help us to innovate Thailand’s sustainable tourism industry by partnering with the right players in society

Build capacities, your own and that of others

Build capacities, your own and that of others

Support local businesses, initiatives and products by designing and innovating integrative experiences around it.


Financial and Operations Officer

Financial and Operations Officer

Be the engine of Vanguards and scale our operations

Our Operations and financial officer is responsible for bangkokvanguards head office in Bangkok and is the first line of contact for travelers, customers and guides. This opportunity will be split between Office management tasks and Financial/Bookkeeping responsibilities. Additional to this will be general HR tasks and Event management. This role will report directly to the COO and CEO.

  • 1 year experience in General administration and/or HR and/or F&A
  • Accurate and Local administrative knowledge
  • Experienced in employee and customer communication
  • Good user knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Flexibility in a fast-changing environment
  • Fluent in Thai & English language

• Be the first line of contact for our travelers and customers and guides

• Manage and maintain daily facility related administration tasks

• Negotiate office related affairs

• Manage the purchase of office supplies

• Ensure the availability of company tools for all employees

• Supervise booking software

• Guide management

• Help maintain alarm and telecommunication related affairs

• Manage proper reception tasks

• Event management (Christmas dinner, Community day, etc.)

• Be the central role of all personnel related issues

• Manage personnel administration (personal data administration, holidays registration, etc.)

• On-site on-boarding and ensuring completion of according documents

• Take care of the necessary guidelines for all personnel

• Formulate proposals and advice concerning local personnel policies

• Execute HR related policies

Provide support to finance function including:

• Communication with Accountant

• Processing and filing of documents

• Data collection

• Supporting finance closing to tight deadlines.

Full time tour guide and travel writer

Full time tour guide and travel writer

Build amazing Thailand travel experiences and create content around those

Support bangkokvanguards in operating and designing the most creative and meaningful travel experiences and craft inspiring and beautiful stories around our Vanguards adventures.

  • Empathetic and great at building relationships
  • Sociable, positive, fun and energetic
  • Reliable
  • Creative, curious and adventurous
  • Socially and environmentally conscious
  • Pro-active and motivated
  • TOUR GUIDE LICENSE (or willing to take the course, if your profile fits with the team, we will invest in your tour guide license)
  • Superb writing skills in Thai and English.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in English and German
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about Bangkok and surroundings
  • Passion for cycling and outdoor activities
  • Passion for travel, exploration and journalism
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable tourism
  • Guiding Vanguards experiences for tourists and events. (See experiences on our website)
  • Training other part time guides.

Creating creative and engaging online content for a mainly Thai audience and supporting with English content.

  • Writing social media posts in Thai and English
  • Translating English content
  • Writing blog posts in Thai or English
  • Researching areas and creating content
  • Create travel content based on Vanguards tour development.

Your third priority will be in researching and supporting the product development of bangkokvanguards.

  • Working with partners to co-design experiences around other brands and individuals.
  • Improving and developing new Vanguard Experiences
  • Working with local communities to help them create experiences and develop or enhance community based tourism initiatives.
  • Design monthly tours on the topic of cultural and vernacular heritage for platforms such as the Bangkok Heritage Week.
Vanguards Experience Officer

Vanguards Experience Officer

Be more than a guide, be a connector and facilitator to connect people to Thailand on a deeper level

We are a dynamic team of urban explorers, advocates and travel professionals focusing on small group adventures. We are passionate about designing and delivering unique, meaningful and fun Thailand experiences. Our mission as is to create maximum value travelers as well as for Thailand’s people, communities. We are looking to expand our team and need your help to raise the bar in the tourism industry.

  • NO run of the mill temple sightseeing
  • Less focus on typical tourist attractions
  • No shopping or commission based tours
  • Fun, adventurous and meaningful tours that reflect who we are
  • Training and knowledge training for our guides
  • Co-designing tours and pushing our creativity as guides
  • Great team, great passion
  • Support of our guides in all aspects
  • Aligning your passion with a greater purpose
  • Empathetic and great at building relationships
  • Sociable, positive, fun and energetic
  • Reliable and service minded
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Curious and adventurous
  • Socially and environmentally conscious
  • Street smart
  • Pro-active and motivated
  • Willing to support in building capacities with local communities
  • TOUR GUIDE LICENSE (or willing to take the course, if your profile fits with the team, we will invest in your tour guide license)
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in English and/or German
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about Bangkok and surroundings
  • Passion for cycling and outdoor activities
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable tourism
  • Passionate about venturing off the beaten path and outside the box
  • Knowledgeable about sustainable development, conservation, etc. is a plus
  • Being active in community service and volunteering is a plus


Expand your knowledge and potential


  • BBA & MBA



You will be working in three main areas, including CONTENT MARKETING, the Hyperlocal TRAVEL HUB and OPERATIONS.



Minimum: 3 months +
Payment: Basic coverage, commuting costs and work related expenses.


  • Help build one of Thailand’s most promising and inspiring travel brands.
  • Create and operate one of Bangkok’s most innovative travel information centers/hubs for cultural and sustainable travel.
  • Develop inspiring, creative, informative and relevant content for a new content platform advocating sustainable travel and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Conceptualize and design in-depth, fun and meaningful adventures.
  • Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and integrate them into all aspects of our work.
  • Learn about entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism and conceptualize  strategies on how to measure and scale social impact.
  • Coordinate and create events at the Innspire and neighboring hostels and boutique hotels to bring together like-minded travelers.
  • Help tame the startup-chaos. Tackle all sorts of random tasks that our small needs to deal with.

We are looking for motivated, pro-active and self-driven people who are hungry for adventure, self-development and making a difference. We need candidates who can think outside the box and are up for the challenge to build one of Thailand’s most inspiring and creative travel companies.



  • Design skills, creativity and practical skills in Adobe to produce marketing material.
  • Strong written communication.
  • Social media savvy.
  • Excellent photography and videography skills.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about marketing.
  • Great social skills, passionate about selling, building relationships and trust with people.
  • Knowledge about Bangkok’s cultural scene.
  • Passionate about travel and exploration.
  • Great at research work.
  • A passionate and dynamic team
  • Flexible work time (including remote work)
  • Diverse and exciting range of tasks
  • Freedom to learn and experiment
  • Great work space and environment


We offer a small-team, startup environment with all the exciting dynamics and diversity that our work brings along. We are working with amazing partners, from community leaders, journalists, universities, social entrepreneurs, travel bloggers, NGO’s and other people to build a whole new experience economy. We offer competitive salaries, flexible working times, including remote work. We sometimes switch work places to different locations depending on the nature of our work and projects. Our office is located in a secluded oasis in the heart of Bangkok’s old town. Nestled in an ancient community, inside the compound of an artist’s house and surrounded by trees and nature. Our goals is to not only build an inspiring organization but to develop ourselves, to grow, learn and develop toward our full potential as individuals and as a team. Working here means to be part of a family, building something meaningful, evolving on a personal and professional level and having fun along the way.


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