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Bangkok Three Sixty

Go deeper into the living fabric of Bangkok

…Chinese fortune telling, breakfast in a temple, the contrasts of spiritual Bangkok and rush-hour Bangkok, skyscraper canyons and ancient neighborhoods, motorbike taxis and speedboats, Buddhist chants and chill-out tunes, neighborhood food stalls and cosmopolitan skybars, spectacular skyline views and cultural conservation projects, bustling markets and mystical alleys, vertical slums and offbeat artist communities. This adventure immerses you not in the unseen Bangkok but 'unthought' Bangkok, its living heritage in diverse urban regions that reflect the narratives and dynamics between development and conservation, between past and present of the ordinary people of Bangkok. If you want to go all in and explore and understand the realities of Bangkok then this tour is for you.


✔ Bangkok's largest labyrinth in Chinatown

✔ Bangkok's diverse cultural heritage

✔ Artist community and cultural preservation project

✔ All local modes of transport, including private boat

✔ A wide variety of Thai food and other delicacies

✔  Unique hidden gems in traditional neighborhoods 


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