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How can I pay?

We do require a deposit of 1,000 THB/Person for which we will have to send you an invoice via Paypal. In Thailand Paypal transaction can only be done with prior invoicing and do now work through payments send to an email. These invoices can also be paid by Credit Card even if you do not have a Paypal account. The remaining amount can be paid prior to the tour through Paypal (a second invoice will be sent) or preferably in cash (in THB) upon the start of the tour. If you prefer to pay the amount in full through PayPal instead of cash payment, we will have to ADD 4.6% Paypal fee surcharge to the remaining balance or the total if the total is preferred to be paid at once.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay Paypal invoices by credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

What is included on the tour package?

It depends on the tour and whether it is private or open-group but it usually includes:

  • Licensed tour guide (Vanguard). English or German speaking.
  • All the different fun types of transport in Bangkok
  • Private boat tour through the canals on the westside of Bangkok (check on type of tour)
  • Lunch and plenty of street food, snacks and drinks
  • All admission fees as stated in the itinerary
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Private Tours include hotel pickup and transfer back to the hotel (unless the tour ends at a skybar or elsewhere)

Where are the meeting points for the tour?

Below are the tours with their respective meeting points and google and exit maps


Bangkok Starters Tour:
Google Maps: MRT (subway) Station Sanam Chai Exit 5.
To see the map of the exits, click here. 


Bangkok Three Sixty:
Google map: MRT (subway) Station Wat Mangkon Exit 3.
To see the map of the exits, click here.


China Town Unplugged:
Google map: MRT Station Samyot Exit 1 
To see the map of the exits, click here.


Bangkok Nightriders:
Bangkokvanguards office, close to the Democracy Monument.
Google map: Bangkokvanguards Office


Ultimate Food Tour:
Google map: MRT Station Samyot Exit 3 
To see the map of the exits, click here.

Is there a pick up service from hotel or airport?

We do offer a pick up service for private tours. For join-in tours we normally do not offer a pick up service but should you require a pick up service from your hotel to the meeting point, please contact us via email.

We do offer airport pick ups and drop offs, please contact us via email.


Why to book with Bangkok Vanguards?

We have a different approach to showing people our city. Instead of focusing on classic tourist sights our focus, expertise and passion is more on the culture, people, food and local heritage of Bangkok’s diverse neighborhoods. Our relationships with civil society, community leaders and people from the social sector and our experience as documentarians, fixers (for media), anthropologists and location scouts enable us to take you behind the scenes and explore the realities and inner workings of a megacity like Bangkok. We pursue curiosity, knowledge and empathy and our drive is fueled by the chaos, imperfections and complexity of Bangkok’s urban life, its constant change, living history and present realities. We aim to share our understanding, show you the human side and understand where we come from, where we are and where we are heading. 

How to book a tour?

Fill out the booking form on each tour page or click the email button to send your inquiry with the following details: 1. Tour  2. Tour date  3. Group size. We will then first check the availability of our guides. Once the guides confirm their availability, we will inform you with the request for a deposit payment as we will have to secure the guide through a deposit payment. For that we will send you a Paypal invoice

After the transaction has been made you will receive the confirmation email with all relevant details.The remaining balance which can be paid in person on the day of tour or through Paypal for which will send another invoice shortly before the tour.

Why is the tour not immediately confirmed once I paid the deposit?

We are a very small team and we do not hire guides on a full time basis. Guides usually work as freelancers and thus also for other companies and might not be readily available. As such we need inquire their updated schedule first before we can confirm the tour. Please note that since the pandemic the tourism industry has been experiencing a severe crunch of licensed guides and as such we recommend to book some time in advance. 

How advance should I plan to book a trip?

In the low season March – October tours can currently still be booked quite spontaneously. However, in the high-season Nov-Feb we simply recommend booking as early as possible. Also because our groups are small and can quickly fill up.

What is the refund policy?

  • Cancellation more than 7 days before departure (tour date): Full Refund
  • Cancellation within 7 days of departure (tour date) we will fully refund but a cancellation fee of 2,000thb be charged.
  • Cancellation 24 – 48 hours before departure: No refund of deposit and  50% refund if full payment was done.
  • Less than 24 hours or No show: No refund for both deposit or full payment.

What are the languages offered in the tour?

We do offer the tours in English and German. If you require a German-speaking guide, please contact us via email.

Are the tours suitable for children?

Some tours, some tours aren’t. It also depends on the age of the children. We currently do not offer biking tours for kids. Also, specific tours such as the Bye Bye Chinatown walking tour are less suitable for children. Whereby the Bangkok Three Sixty despite its length has always been a favorite among the kids. However, please note that if your children are very young and need special attention we recommend booking a private tour.

Can I cancel or change my reservations?

Yes, you can cancel and change your reservation. Please note that cancellation less than 24 hours before tour begin will not be refunded.

What if I’m late, how long will you wait?

If you’re late we require you to notify us. If possible let us know your location or let us talk to the taxi driver (if you’re coming by taxi, which we usually don’t recommend if you have alternatives). If you’re beyond 15min.late we might need to arrange a new meeting point for you to catch up with the group. Because of time sensitivity and planning of the route we can’t wait for too long and hope for your understanding.

I’m a vegan, is the tour suitable for me?

Yes, it’s still doable food wise as there are many sweets, fruits and other dishes that can fill you up. Though you have to be prepared that the group is going to try a wide range of food that is not always vegan friendly but will try our best to suit your diet.

What are the cancellation policy?

Cancellation within less than 24 hours before tour begin will not be refunded.

Is it too hot to ride a bicycles in Thailand?

It really depends on your tolerance towards tropical climates. We’re all in this together and if it was too hot we would refrain cycling. It largely depends on the route and a given time. Yes, it can be hot but it’s usually so much fun and exciting that the heat becomes secondary and after an hour you will have acclimatized.

What if it rains?

Tours will start by default. The guide has booked his time and needs to be compensated as such we’re operating tours also when it rains. Depending on how heavy the rainfall is we might postpone the start, take a break, and-, or adjust the route. However, a spontaneous cancellation by the side of the guests due to rain is still subjected to the deposit payment and cannot be reimbursed.

What kinds of bikes do you have?

We have all mountain bikes of various brands, ranging from Trek, Merida to Gary Fisher bikes.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, we do require our guests to wear helmets for insurance reasons.

I’m a beginner on the bike, can I still join the ride?

You have to be comfortable on the bike and a certain amount of experience. If just learned to ride the bike the day before yesterday, we might not recommend it. However if you have spent a decent amount of time on the bike, you should be fine. Please note that the Bike2Basics, leads over single-track pathways in the orchards. You have to have some fundamental skills and be comfortable on a mountain bike.