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The Bangkok Heritage Week will provide you with an exciting range of immersive and fun tours and events to our idea of cultural heritage. By asking the question “What is heritage? We would like to invite you to share your view and definition on heritage. This event serves the purpose of experiencing, learning, connecting and discussing the notion of heritage.
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Bangkok Heritage Week

April 2nd marks the birthday of her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and the official Thai Heritage Conservation Day. To support the celebration of the Heritage Conservation Day we initiated the Bangkok Heritage Week to showcase and connect the public, communities and organizations around the topic of heritage conservation. We believe that synergies across different sectors, including technology, sustainable travel, media, etc. can support and contribute to the cause for cultural heritage conservation.

The Heritage week is an annual event that provides a week-long series of events, including talks, immersive experiences and other events held around April 2nd.

However, we do not intent to wait till April 2020 but will host at least bi-monthly events on a smaller scale and work in portraying initiatives, people, and projects that work in the conservation for Thailand’s heritage.

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