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Bangkok Tour operator specialized in off the beaten path urban adventures, eco tours, Bangkok walking and biking Tours, cultural and educational tours and programs
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What’s the Vanguards Basecamp?

The Vanguards Basecamp is our office as well as a consultancy and agency for community based and sustainable travel and services in Bangkok and beyond. Our vision is to become Bangkok’s most impactful Travel Space connecting travelers to not only unseen locations but to unique, creative and meaningful activities and services. If you need help planning your stay in Thailand, feel free to drop by at the Basecamp and make your journey in Thailand count.


To provide the most innovative and meaningful space for travelers by offering travel advice, products and services, that benefit local communities, social startups and sustainable initiatives.


The reality is that all travel agencies we researched offer literally the same old classic tours. Trips ranging from family friendly excursions to places overrun with tourists to disneyfied experiences in parks and cultural shows and in worse cases packages that are detrimental to the well-being of animals and local communities. Those services may address a certain segment of travelers but leaves discerning and conscious travelers wonder where to find alternatives. The Basecamp aims to provide an alternative and introduce a new generation of travel space shifting away from mainstream mass tourism to help develop, grow and amplify the experience economy to be a driver for sustainable development as well as a unique source for travelers seeking meaningful, insightful and fun experiences.


Empowering travelers to connect with local conscious travel startups, individuals, projects, events and initiatives that will let them experience true local culture, fun, adventure and insider information that will directly or indirectly create positive impact.


  • We work with selected startups in the tourism industry to promote sustainable and community based tourism and other offbeat and creative travel products.
  • We work with local hotel partners to add value to the their customers by providing activities, information and services
  • Providing transfer and transportation for travelers (trains, buses, etc.)
  • Organizing regular events and trips for travelers staying around the area.
  • Consulting travelers to make the best out of their time in Thailand.