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This page is the very purpose of our existence. Your encouragement and support helps us to sustain our operations and the purpose of bangkokvanguards. As a community of explorers, guides, bloggers and travelers we want to protect and enhance the cultural, economical, environmental and social well-being of Thailand. With rapid development, inequality, climate change and other challenges, the pressure has never been greater but through a community of like-minded people and allies on the ground we are ready to tackle these bit by bit. However, this is not a call for donations but our attempt to integrate social entrepreneurial models such as our concept of social commissions to realize the potential of our projects and organization.

  Funds needed for:

  • Transcribers
  • Translators
  • Story editors

  Funds needed for:

  • Team and management expenses
  • Print materials
  • Logistics

  Funds needed for:

  • Project Manager
  • Voice over
  • Videographer
  • Designers
  • Prints & Logistics

  Funds needed for:

  • Space rentals & Logistics
  • Equipment and materials
  • Prints
  • Photographer

   Funds required for 2020: USD 11,000

  Funds required for 2020: USD 10,000 +

  Funds required for 2020: USD 19,000

  Funds required for 2020: USD10,000+



Many of you have been supporting us by word of mouth without ever asking for something in return. It’s customary in the tourism industry that agents charge a commission rate for referrals. However, instead of a commission, your referral will be turned into a social commission to raise funds for the projects on bangkokvanguards. Sign up for updates and receive your personal code. Pass your code to friends for booking purposes to track your  social commissions which are dedicated to projects that needs the most urgent funding. We are already committing part of the revenue from direct bookings to our projects but with your support we will grow and successfully pursue our mission. Depending on the amount raised through your referrals we will provide special behind the scenes footage, free tours and other specials for you to connect to Thailand and experience the impact we create together.