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The Ultimate Bangkok Food Tour

Join us off the eaten path - a culinary experience designed in collaboration with Mark Wiens

Taste the impressive diversity of regional Thai food in Bangkok. Eat the Thai way, sharing dishes with a mix of complementing flavors and learn about the endless array of Thai ingredients. Get a local perspective on food communities  and explore off the beaten path backstreets, vibrant markets, urban gardens. Navigate with us through dozens of Bangkok’s labyrinth of alleys and waterways to 4 of our favorite local restaurants - Central Thai food, Southern Thai food, Thai Chinese food, and Isaan food - curries, stir fries, salads, and dips and of course all along the way street food snacks - the backbone of eating in Bangkok on the go.


✔ Full day multi-transport and walking adventure to Mark Wiens's favorite haunts

✔ Three major regional Thai cuisines and lots of snacks in between

✔ Food coma guaranteed 

✔ Back streets, back yards, rail tracks, the full urban terrain and the best food around

✔ Awesome routes, awesome breaks

✔ Small group, high value food and cultural immersion


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