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Out of Bangkok

Out of Bangkok traces the routes of the first documented journeys by missionaries and poets as well as the routes of migration of ethnic minorities in the four river basins of central Thailand. We uncover the stories of the region’s heritage and people and craft community-based multiple-day excursions around them. Our goal is to offer an alternative perspective of central Thailand and link you to its unseen places and unheard stories through slow travel, food, health and outdoor activities. We will link the routes to more information once we’re ready. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us.



This journey takes us on water and overland. We explore the historic routes to the coastal market centres, salt farm, fishing communities and the gardens at the mouth of the Tha Chin and Maeklong Rivers. From Thailand’s largest seafood markets to the ecology of the last remaining mangrove forest reserves and serene river-front communities of Amphawa.
This journey will be the slow-life journey to shine light on the vibrant and diverse economy and history of central Thailand’s coastal provinces. This program will launch in 2022. For more information, subscribe to our newsletter or sign up on our WhatsApp list.


This trail traces the water routes and communities beyond the original flow of the Chao Phraya River. Our aim is to explore the old remaining villages along  the canals of Thonburi all the way to the Tha Chin River with its numerous Lao and Teochew communities who have historically been involved in sugarcane production. From here we survey routes to Thailand’s largest floating market in Ratchaburi and south to Samut Songkhram.
This journey will be on bike and boat and explores the great agrarian transformation during the reign of King Rama V. We aim to examine the remaining evidence of those trading hubs along the water ways established in the 1860’s and end the tour in one of the scenic old water-front villages in Samut Songkhram.


We follow the northwestern route between Bangkok and Ratchaburi during ancient times. Crossing the Tha Chin River into Nakhon Pathom we’re going to explore the origins of Buddhism in Thailand surrounding the country’s tallest Jedi (temple structure). From here going to explore the overland route by bike through the fertile plains of Nakhon Pathom and Ratchaburi.
Our destination will be the ancient market of Tak Lak at the onset of the Khlong Damnoen Saduak canal. This area is known in Thailand for its high quality coconut cultivation and many other quality fruit plantations.



The Maeklong River route is another northwestern route leading from Bangkok to Ratchaburi along the ancient route to Kanchanaburi. We trace the trails from the Tha Chin River to Ban Pong and follow the course of the Maeklong river south to Samut Songkhram. This routes explores the old Mon settlements and monasteries who were settled in the Maeklong River basins centuries ago.
The diverse cultures and heritage of the Maeklong region can be explored in a scenic boat and bike combination with overnight stay in historic and agrarian communities.

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