Eats beyond the city wall | bangkokvanguards
From the most icon temple to the smallest neighbourhood. Explore street food, alleys and canals, on foot, Tuk Tuk, bus and boat all the way to Bangkok's top sky bars. This is your epic introduction to Bangkok.
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Eats beyond the city wall

A culinary journey from the old town into the central business district along Bangkok’s ancient waterways

This Bangkok night experience is like no other. Bypass the typical bars and entertainment venues that Bangkok is known for and shift your focus on the old, less known, riverine areas of Bangkok and their hidden gems. Explore Bangkok’s urban diversity after dark. From the city’s splendor to the intricate web of mystical alleys, ancient port quarters, local liquor dens to the bustling street food hubs and cool hidden bars. You will experience one of Asia’s greatest cities through a perspective that redefines one’s idea of “One Night in Bangkok”


Rivercity - Experience Bangkok's riverine culture and heritage


An urban cycling adventure that takes you through the diverse history, communities and hidden gems along Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River after dark


A riverine boat journey along the city’s waterways on the west side

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