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Vanguards Events



Hidden Temple Nightride

Weekend is here and if you have no plans for Saturday yet, then join me to check out the Urban Ally Event “Hidden Temple”. This is not a “Tour-Tour”, simply hanging out with our Vanguards community and cycling to this special night event called Unfolding Bangkok – Hidden Temple by Urban Ally a social media platform for sharing experience, collaboration, and effort to mobilize urban development. They are hosting various activities and displaying creative illumination of two ancient Buddhist temples within the Bang Phlad district.
We Meet up at the Bangkokvanguards Office, after initial bike-checking and introduction we are on our ride to the other side of the river. Enjoying the river, taking sights such as the impressive Rama 8 Bridge, visiting the cultural event of Unfolding Bangkok and one of Thonburi’s coolest night markets while cycling the back alleys of Bang Phlad district.

 When? December 24, 2022.

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