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Transitions is a documentation project with Italian photographer Jan Daga. The goal is to document communities and heritage through capturing images of daily life, products, space and people. The focus is on neighborhoods in Bangkok that are threatened by redevelopment to keep the memory for future generations alive by producing exhibitions as well as a photo book.

How we work

Our research of Hyperlocal identifies old-town communities and preservation initiatives that are struggling against developers. We’re working closely with local families and individuals to take images of their crafts, products and work spaces to create a documentation and archive of these places before they disappear.

Why we do what we do

Bangkok is our chosen home. We have a love for history, people and culture but as many metropolitan areas around the world. Neighborhoods fall prey to development driven by real estate developers that drive out local neighborhoods, their culture, heritage and social structures that have been there for many decades if not centuries. Through our work we want to raise awareness of the heritage, character and historic DNA we are loosing to large corporations which detrimentally impacts Bangkok’s local communities, people and the city’s cultural DNA as well as it’s attractiveness as a tourism destination. These developments do not only impact the heritage architecture but also the intangible heritage and with them gone, street culture such as street food is likewise impacted through evictions. All these developments are difficult to stop and in areas where the future is uncertain we will at least we want to produce the best possible documentation through images and stories to keep the memory of this side of Bangkok for future generations alive.

Our goal

To capture as many historic neighborhoods as possible before they are gone.

What do we need?

First and foremost we need funding to cover the costs for logistics, time, prints and space rental.

Photography + Empathy = Jan Daga

Michael Biedassek
[email protected]