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The Legacies Project

This Project promotes Bangkok’s local heritage and businesses through short videos accessible via QR codes in each location. We bring a Youtube travel channel focusing on local communities, vernacular heritage, food, culture and sustainability to the actual place to provide context and understanding to visitors, thereby enhancing the experience and driving more tourism revenue into areas in need for economic growth.

How we work

Our teams convert the stories of Hyperlocal into voice over and combine video footage as well as still images to the story. These will be uploaded to our Youtube channel as travel content to promote local heritage places and businesses to help redistribute tourism income. Furthermore we will design new multi-language menus for vendors, complete with a QR code connected to the video story.

First phase

In the first phase we will focus on the Samphanthawong district also know as Bangkok’s Chinatown. Rapid urban transformation, driven by the new MRT systems, real estate developers and government policies our team of guides and local local experts will identify remaining local heritage places, communities and small businesses to be featured.

Why do we need the Legacies Project?

  • In our research through Hyperlocal we identified that one of the needs of local communities is more exposure to drive traffic and income to alleviate the stress and improve the economic situation.
  • Travelers are missing out. Often travelers walk by vendors who are famous for their food and exceed the quality of food courts in mall by far. However due the language barrier and lack of information tourists tend to take a picture at best, leaving out a win-win of a great experience and income for the locals.
  • Only a fraction of tourism spending, reach the grassroutes, the QR code project aims to narrow the gap.
  • Local heritage places and communities are often overlooked and have insufficient support to tap into their full potential. Through Hyperlocal and Legacies we aim to provide the assistance the locals would like to see.

Our goal

Our goals is to create the first 30 stories in 2020 and evaluate their impact and see whether this creates any real benefit.

What do we need?

We need voice-over professionals, recording studios, designers, videographers and script-writers and most of all funding to cover the expenses for the production.

Michael Biedassek
[email protected]