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Bangkok Heritage week


The Bangkok Heritage Week aims to create awareness and engagement for heritage preservation through city wide guided tours, exhibitions, talks and other activities. Funds raised during the event will help cultural preservation initiatives.


Our team aims to promote local heritage places and raise awareness on the challenges for Thailand’s heritage preservation community. We do so by engaging not only tourists but most importantly the public by offering two weekends packed with fun, exciting and immersive activities that celebrate Bangkok’s diverse heritage, showcases solutions and brings together people from a wide range of sectors. We believe that the preservation of Thailand’s vernacular heritage cannot be the task of architects alone but it’s a collective endeavor of society to keep the memory alive and adapt it to an ever evolving society. This event aims to society to its roots, its wisdom and the potential it holds to drive inclusive and sustainable economic development.

Our activities

Why do we need a Bangkok Heritage Week?

  • Urban development and modernization paired with inadequate regulations and legal provisions pose a formidable threat to Thailand’s vernacular heritage.
  • Perception of heritage focus on national heritage such as palaces, monuments and temples. Vernacular, local, minority, tangible and intangible heritage mostly overlooked.
  • Mass-tourism focusing on a few hot-spots causing significant revenue of tourism not benefiting local communities.
  • Discussing negative impacts of gentrification and promotion of stakeholders working on solutions.
  • Connecting a disconnected public to take pride in our diverse cultural heritage by making it accessible through partnerships and creative facilitation of heritage experiences.
  • Economic inequality even though a significant population lives in areas rich in cultural assets. Looking at potential for driving and innovating the creative service industry.

What are we trying to affect?

  • Celebrating Bangkok’s diverse heritage
  • Creating cross-disciplinary synergies
  • Strengthening the cultural preservation movement
  • Raise awareness
  • Raise funds for preservation projects

Our goal

  • To create 30 city-wide heritage experiences and activities and create long-term support for the heritage preservation community.

What do we need?

  • We need sponsorship to hire the team to provide the logistics and marketing to make the Bangkok Heritage Week a success.

When will the festival take place?

Where can I find more information?

Michael Biedassek
[email protected]