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Hyperlocal – Thailand through human eyes


Hyperlocal portrays Thailand’s citizens to understand and document the condition and changes of the city and society in early 21st. century Bangkok. We want to understand the challenges, support the hopes and aspirations and pay tribute to the people that inspire bangkokvanguards.

How we work

We are a small team of highly curious individuals and aim to build a team of like-minded researchers, content creators and social innovators. We reach out to the people in the communities that are part of the Vanguard Experience and document the past, present and future of our country. Through our findings we want to empower travelers to have a deeper and more meaningful connection to Thailand and provide channels to support local communities.

People & topics we cover

The list is far from complete and includes social entrepreneurs, innovators, civil society, community leaders, creatives, day to day citizens and foreign perspectives.

What are we trying to affect?

  1. Educate, inspire and raise awareness on a wide range of sustainable development related causes and where possible to call for action.
  2. Understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of local communities, initiatives and ordinary citizens.
  3. Using insights to help develop solutions or scale existing solutions for urban and rural issues.
  4. Forming partnerships for integrative, sustainable and a creative experience economy.

Where do the stories connect to?

The stories connect to:

  • The way you experience Thailand through bangkokvanguards thereby learning from and supporting local stories.
  • The projects and ideas either featured on bangkokvanguards or other platforms.
  • Local businesses and heritage places.
  • Various topics and causes. Currently much of our topics are related to the urban future of Bangkok with a focus on vernacular or local heritage, gentrification, urban development and inequality. https://bangkokvanguards.com/the-urban-future-project/

Our goals

In 2020 we want to tell 100 meaningful stories connected to the heritage, communities and changemakers of Bangkok. One of our long-term goals is to feature all of Bangkok’s 2,000 + communities, their leaders and heritage.

What do we need?

To grow this project and make it successful we need to hire passionate and skilled people. If you have a deep interest in people, social issues, excellent soft and communication skills, then you are the right fit. We need content creators, editors and translators. We accept volunteer positions but we hope through your referrals and social commissions we will be able to build the team required to show you Thailand from a human perspective.

Michael Biedassek
[email protected]