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Bangkok Tour operator specialized in off the beaten path urban adventures, eco tours, Bangkok walking and biking Tours, cultural and educational tours and programs
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Vanguards are persons who pioneer the way in cultivating new ideas and connecting them to the shared purpose of advancing the well-being of society. With Bangkok Vanguards, we are those who are actively connecting our inherent passions with the purpose of generating a sustainable future for Thailand. Whether as a tour guide, farmer or hostel owner, Vanguards innovate their passion through synergies, co-creation and bonding towards a greater purpose to help transform society to meet the needs of the 21st. century.

Our purpose

To connect travelers, citizens, civil society and communities through our passion for Thailand

Our vision

To gear tourism towards becoming a key agent in advancing the well-being of people and planet


Vanguards are working in development and innovation, are members of civil society, social entrepreneurs or simply social conscious citizens aiming to advance the greater good. We create and cultivate synergies between urban explorers with deep local knowledge and Vanguards to create a new, exciting and meaningful ways to experience and learn about Thailand and our shared human journey. 


Jorge is a social anthropologist with a passion for food and is examining the social impact of the much criticized policy of cleaning Bangkok off its street food.


Gift works for the KX Innovation Center and the Innspire Bangkok to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs and to innovate Bangkok’s hospitality scene together with bangkokvanguards.


As a Youth Empowerer and SDG Chief Evangelist Nick advocates for Sustainable Development by synergizing the power of young people with projects that drive the Sustainable Development Goals.