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Vanguards Lab

The Vanguards Lab (V-LAB) is a grassroots initiative to connect purpose driven individuals and to synchronize their passion and purpose with our craft of designing Thailand experiences to carry forth and advocate the causes of Thailand’s social innovators whilst also providing insightful, meaningful and off the beaten track adventures. Besides our signature experiences we are developing travel products and services connected to each of the causes below which are encapsulated in the questions below. Each of these questions is addressed by one of the Vanguards featured here on bangkokvanguards. This is not an exclusive club but we invite our guests, travelers, supporters and friends to be part of ┬áthis journey in sharing our passion for higher purpose that serves the betterment of Thai society.

What we do

We work with purpose driven people to craft social conscious adventure travel and products to help advance the causes of Thailand's changemakers and provide maximum value, insights and adventure for visitors and locals alike

Our mission

To innovate tourism, hospitality and education to become an inclusive, human-centric and sustainable force for good

Our vision

To transform our respective industries and become a catalyst for positive, bottom-up change and achieve the sustainable development goals by 2032


We believe that reducing economic inequality empowers people to preserve their cultural heritage…

We see youth as the key change agent in creating a more equal, just and sustainable world.

We want transform hospitality to become a catalyst for innovation to reduce inequality and drive positive impact.

We aim to support those working on the ground to create a more sustainable and inclusive urban environment

We want to provide a challenge and purpose for entrepreneurs and innovators to use their skills and technologies to help reduce inequality in Thailand

We want you, the citizens, travelers and visitors to be part of this great endeavor