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Vanguards Labs

We are currently building our V-LAB page. We would like you to find valuable information on Thailand’s cultural, social and environmental challenges as well as innovative solutions driven by individuals, civil society, social entrepreneurs and communities. We also want to invite you to be part of  the solution as we aim to mobilize ideas, networks and other resources to help our fellow Thai citizens. We want to achieve this through online engagement, travel experiences, events and other initiatives that we’re co-creating here at the Vanguards Lab.

What we do

We collaborate with social start-ups, innovators and the wider public to design and support social conscious adventure travel experiences, projects and initiatives that advance the causes of sustainable development

Our mission

To design and facilitate exchange and collaboration by innovating tourism, hospitality and education to address Thailand’s social, economic and environmental challenges

Our vision

To transform our respective industries and become a catalyst for positive, bottom-up change and achieve the sustainable development goals by 2032

Help us create the answer

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