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Bangkok Tour operator specialized in off the beaten path urban adventures, eco tours, Bangkok walking and biking Tours, cultural and educational tours and programs
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Develop informed and pro-active citizens

Develop informed and pro-active citizens

What we do

Providing customized, educational travel adventures that connect students with Thailand’s purpose driven innovators, civil society, communities and social causes.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster empathy, consciousness and purpose through immersive and meaningful adventures

Our vision

To nurture a generation of citizens to be informed and able to contribute to the challenges of the 21. century


Through our passion for exploration, entrepreneurship and education we connect students to the stories, projects and purpose of Thailand’s twenty-first century changemakers to better understand Thailand, its culture, development and great destinations and people whilst taking into account that we all have a responsibility for the well-being of our respective communities, cities and countries. The potential of young people to move society forward, to develop their full potential and to create bonds among themselves and with the people and destinations they visit lays at the center of our work. Instead of asking what do you want to do in the future? We want to explore the question of “what problem do you want to solve? Through immersive and fun adventures, story telling and engagement we aim to pursue that question, as an organization and as individuals.

For inquiries, please contact:

[email protected]


Group size can vary from small group to over 100 participants, depending on the purpose and logistics of the program

The programs can vary between one-day program and multiple day programs

Pricing depends on the number of people and complexity of the program

The organizer can choose between our programs or customize them according to their needs

Workshops, talks, group discussions, presentations, reflective sessions and other activities can be integrated

We are working with Vanguards portrayed on our website but also go beyond as our networks span a wide range of causes and people working on solutions.