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Thailand’s coastline evokes images of white, sandy beaches. However Coastline Ecopreneur is designed to take you on a journey to Thailand’s less known coastal areas in Samut Songkhram, home to fishermen and local community enterprises in eco-tourism. After aqua culture and shrimp farming had destroyed much of the coastal mangrove forests and eco-systems in Samut Songkhram many people lost their traditional livelihood and moved to work in factories. In a turn of fate, a shrimp disease lead to the demise of many shrimp farms and local communities organized themselves to restore the mangrove forests and reconnect to their traditional way of life. Our aim is to take you out of the city to get up close with nature to learn about the benefits of sustainably living with local eco-resources and how tourism can play a role in adding value to the local economy. Exchange with local entrepreneurs and/or invite more people on the subject to understand the opportunities, importance and benefits of community enterprises, conservation and sustainable development goals in one soaky, breezy, epic adventure by the sea.



Pricing depends on group size and level of customization

We can facilitate groups of up to one hundred participants

Pick up at the hotel

Depending on meeting location and type of transfer anywhere between

7:00 and 9:00a.m.

Depending on the agreements our programs usually include and exclude the following:


  • Vanguards Explorer team
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Private boat rental
  • Admission fees
  • Speaker fees


  • Personal expenses
  • External facilitators or lecturers
  • Insurance (for recommendation of local travel insurance contact us)
  • Final drink on the skybar

1.) Send us an email to: [email protected] with your background information, purpose and objectives of the trip, date and size of the group as well as your Skype ID for a Skype call to discuss the program.

2.) If our team is available we will arrange for a Skype call to discuss the program and to get all the required details. If the program has been finalized we will send you an invoice. You can either pay in full or a deposit payment.

3.) Once we receive full payment or deposit we will send out the confirmation. Remaining balance can be paid via bank transfer. Please note that if full payment via Paypal is preferred that we have to add Paypal’s commission percentage on top which is around 4.4%

Contact: Call-, whatsapp: +66(0)61-634 9907 / +66(0)85-8339218

Email: [email protected]

aypal to: [email protected] (Currently we can’t accept credit cards)

To be determined depending on the overall size of the group.

If you prefer to pay the amount in full, we will have to ADD 4.5% Paypal fee surcharge to the total fee.

Cancellation within 24hours before tour begin, only partially refund as we have to cover our advanced expenses and compensate others.

We currently accept ONLY PAYMENTS through PAYPAL
We CANNOT accept CREDIT CARDS or Stripe at this point

During the activities you will get wet and muddy, don’t wear clothes that you highly appreciate. Bring a towel, some spare clothes to change, swimming trunks, shorts or bikini as well as shower gel and shampoo. Also bring sun lotion and mosquito repellent along. Showers are provided.

Ecopreneurs can be customized according to your needs and methodology in conveying the content to your audience. We can integrate for lectures, talks, panel discussions, workshops and additional days in the province to look at community based tourism and agro-tourism projects and as well as community based enterprises.

The timing and order of activities can vary according to the tides and weather situation. Lunch on the stilted platform can not always be guaranteed if the weather is too windy lunch needs to moved to an alternative location due to safety concerns.


Help restore Thailand’s threatened mangrove forests

Enjoy fresh seafood on stilted offshore platforms

Visiting the famous train market in Maeklong

After intense days in Bangkok reconnect and wind down

Fun local style wakeboarding followed by epic mud battles

Enjoy a day at the coast with the swimming monkeys