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Bangkok’s strength rests in its diversity as it is home for a diverse range of people and communities rooted in different cultural and social strands. Economic development, policy making, gentrification among other forces are constantly changing the DNA of the city. We aim to examine their impact on the diversity, heritage and happiness of Bangkoks residents. We aim to not only understand how Bangkok is evolving into the twenty-first century but to understand the vision of its citizens and how we can co-create a unique, diverse and livable city.

We portray projects on the topic of urban development and invite readers to learn more about Bangkok from the grassroots perspective . Each project / initiative is not only connected to a story and the individual changemaker but also connected to an experience of Bangkok. Each project also has an opportunities and challenges tab, there you can see what kind of support or concrete volunteer opportunity the initiative offers.


As the new subway line extents beneath Chinatown, the once overlooked part of Bangkok gets into the focus of big investors and property developers. Will this mean the end the world’s largest and most authentic Chinatown?

Beyond Food is a series of events aimed at changing the narrative around street food by moving away from a “food-centric” perspective and placing it in broader social, economic and cultural contexts.

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Looking for a film-makers and funding to do a series of short documentaries.

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